Professional grade lithium ion battery powered cordless soldering iron
providing faster safer and cord free soldering capability to your toolbox.


Solder Master gives you ultimate flexibility in soldering with a Lithium Ion battery powered soldering iron. Providing up to 270 minutes use from a single charge - lasting up to one month with professional use. The Solder Master takes just 10 seconds to get up to temperature! Great for professional or handyman use; for those quick repair jobs to any general purpose soldering task.

LED Light Guide

Pinpoints the work area for greater accuracy.

Temp Control (LO / MID / HI)

Choose from Lo - Medium - Hi temperature settings.

Mode Button

Designed to be flexible & for multi-use applications
Choose from Lo - Medium - Hi temperature settings.

Battery Level (SoC) Indicator

The SoC indicator lets you know the state of charge of the battery with markings at: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Interchangeable Soldering Tip

Swap out tips depending on your job.
The ultra 4mm chisel or 0.5mm conical/pointy tip.

Solder On/Off Button

The momentary on/off switch allows you to control the amount of heat. Featuring a BOOST mode that keeps the heat coming once you are soldering.

Direct Plug-in Charge Port

Choose your method of charging.
Included in the kit are a DC car adapter & an AC charger.

Protective Silicon Tip Cover

On the go?
The tip cover is silicon lined so it's OK to attach even when the tip's hot.


Ideal For All Industries

Auto Electricians & Mobile Mechanics Solder Master is designed for those on the move. Totally portable & long lasting.
Car Stero Installers & Mechanical Workshops Designed for travel and hard to get to places. No cord. No Problems.
Telcos & Security Companies Perfect for either small or large jobs.
Suitable for Telco's & Jumper Runners
Marina & Water Applications Wet, Cold, Windy, Raining, Top of a mast. There are some places where soldering wires are just no-go areas.
Unless you have a Solder Master!